Allegra Tantalo – Co-founder of luxury accessory brand Marzoline

“I guess I could buy it. I don’t have this piece in my closet and even if I do, it probably needs updating.” This is what Allegra, co-founder of Marzoline, always tells herself when she needs an excuse to buy a piece she’s fallen in love with. And apparently it always works…!

28-year-old Allegra grew up between Rome and London, and has always worked in the fashion industry, beginning with a work experience placement at Moncler, and most recently leaving a job at Gucci in Milan to set up her own company with her sister. Marzoline was established in October 2017, and offers high quality and 100% handcrafted Italian luxury head accessories such as turbans, headbands and twillys foulards.

Born out of Allegra’s shared dream with her twin sister to have a business of their own which would bring passion and excitement to life, Marzoline started as an e-commerce and is now stocked in department stores such as Rinascente Milan and in niche boutiques in Italy. Find out more on their website:

Mistakes, we all make them, you, what’s your most fashion mistakes?
Most of my mistakes are flared jeans and espadrilles. I’m always so tempted to buy them that I can’t resist, but my closet is full of flared jeans that I never wear and tons of espadrilles I can never choose between.

What's your relationship with your wardrobe?
I’m a very tidy person, and my wardrobe reflects my personality. I like to keep things well organised and divided into sections – for instance I have a dedicated space for trousers, one just for shirts, another one just for t-shirts etc…

Make us dream…what’s your ultimate desired piece?
I’ve been dreaming of two things actually: a printed silk pyjama (not for sleeping in!) and a raffia bag.

Best excuse for your bank adviser/partner to justify what you have just bought?
Definitely two excuses: Either “I don’t own it” or “I only have an old one”.

Your shopping regret, the one you can’t stop thinking about?
A pair of beautiful black sandals from Gucci. When I was working there I used to have a 50% discount, but now I don’t so… it’s too bad I didn’t buy them before!