Carola Voli Botto Poala – Morpho + Luna
Carola’s family owns the 150-year-old textile company, Reda1865, so it’s no surprise that her passion for beautiful fabrics and love of detailed craftsmanship has been the thread running through her life in fashion. After seven years working in Italy as a Product Manager for high-end brands such as Kristina Ti, Carola moved to London in 2006 and eventually co-founded Morpho + Luna in 2014; a luxury lifestyle brand conceived in the UK and birthed in Italy. She is a proud member of the British Fashion Council’s Fashion Trust.

Mistakes, we all make them, you, what’s your most fashion mistakes?
Hats. I love hats – especially ones with a wide brim. In winter it’s the wool/felt hats and in summer the straw ones. I try them, I love them, I buy them and then I never wear them! The reality is that I do not look that good in hats, or at least when I look at myself in the mirror, I know that I only suit a certain shape. So, in winter I end up wearing a sad wool beanie hat and in summer a very old Panama that falls apart.

What's your relationship with your wardrobe?
It is a challenge! I am a hoarder and I find it rather difficult to get rid of clothes that I don’t wear, which is reflected in my wardrobe. Everything is organised into categories and neatly stacked, but unfortunately, the clothing-to-space ratio is out of balance. So, space is limited! For example, when I have to choose a shirt, or when I try one on and then put it back and take another one… the pile gradually grows and become chaos! It’s the same with the hanging pieces. My dream is to have a bigger walk-in wardrobe!

Make us dream…what’s your ultimate desired piece?
I’m a big admirer of ‘animalia' leopard print. I have a collection of many different pieces in my wardrobe, from hats to pumps, not to mention jackets and summer dresses. I’m worried because this season it’s all about ‘Wild Things’. To be more specific, my ultimate desire is a Givenchy faux fur leopard print coat.

Best excuse for your bank adviser/partner to justify what you have just bought?
"I had to buy this beautiful silk hand painted vintage kimono as it’s a source of inspiration for my M+L loungewear brand!” And being a ‘lounge’ lover, of course I wear it during the day with a pair of jeans.

Your shopping regret, the one you can’t stop thinking about?
Last winter I decided not to buy a Prada camel cashmere coat with fluoro green feather-trimmed cuffs. I would call it a ‘trophy piece’. Sometimes at night I still dream of it!