Desideria Tantalo – Co-founder of luxury accessory brand Marzoline

Italian-born Desideria (28) comes from a family of lawyers but has a different passion – one for fashion and accessories. Raised between Rome and London, speaking Italian, French, English and Spanish, her sense of style has been influenced by her travel and her friendships with girls from Lebanon, France, Italy, Denmark and Britain. After spending 5 years completing her law degree, Desideria went on to do a Masters in Fashion and Luxury Management and worked in the luxury fashion industry in London for 3 years. In September 2017 she embarked on her lifelong dream of setting up her own company with her twin sister and co-founder Allegra. And that’s when Marzoline was born.

Mistakes, we all make them, what's your common fashion mistake?
My most common mistake is to buy too many trousers. I buy all sorts – culottes, palazzo, wide leg, skinny jeans – and I am never able to wear them all in one season. I just can’t resist buying trousers in all colours, different types of denim and prints. I am so jealous of girls who ask me, "Why do you have seven pairs of jeans in your wardrobe? You only need one, or maximum two!" I wish I was able to do that!

What's your relationship with your wardrobe?
I love my wardrobe! It’s a mix of high-end pieces and high street ones. I like that there is always a bit of both; an Erdem blazer next to an H&M blouse, a Celine top and shirts from Cos, Alice & Olivia palazzo pants alongside Zara jeans. I am a very organised and tidy person, and this is reflected in my wardrobe. My shirts, blouses and tops are arranged by colour, and I have a drawer and rail for each category: sweaters, trousers, shirts, evening wear and blazers, and last but not least, the shoes! It would be my dream to have a more spacious closet, as I cannot stop shopping. Someday I might be forced to move out of my house in order to use it as storage for all the clothes I have!

Make us dream! What is your ultimate desire piece?
A haute couture dress from Giambattista Valli. He is a dear friend of my family and I love all of his creations. I think his haute couture pieces are every woman’s dream – wearing them makes you feel like a fairytale princess. I would love to have one his beautiful gowns for the evening reception at my future wedding!

Best excuse for bank/partner to justify what just bought?
My best excuse (if I was caught!) would always involve a ‘need’ I had to fulfil for my company. I would say, "I had to buy this blazer and top for the Marzoline advertising campaign. And I simply must coordinate my headpiece with my outfit…!”

Your shopping regret, the one you can't stop thinking about?
I regret not having bought this wonderful bag at a Loewe employee sale in Madrid. I had already bought a tonne of items, including three bags, so I left without purchasing this particular one that was gorgeous, and at a really good price!! I guess I will just have to live with the four Loewe bags I already have!