Dipka Parmar – Art Director and Stylist

I have always worked in fashion and started out as a photographer’s assistant.  After a few years I realised that it was what was going on in front of the camera that I was most interested in. So, I took a new direction and worked as picture editor with the teen magazine sector such as Smash Hits, Bliss, and Just 1.   I was then appointed as a picture commissioning editor with the Young Telegraph – it was a supplement that came with the Telegraph every Saturday.

For me commissioning was always my dream job, I had the freedom to come up with ideas and concepts, working with the latest bands and actors and having free range to style them as I wanted. Eventually I was given my own fashion pages at the Young Telegraph which gave me the freedom to create my own fashion stories.

For the last 15 years I have been working as a freelance kids fashion stylist. Why kids? Because I love them, I love the unpredictable way they react to the clothes that I put them in and I love how their personality comes through with the different looks I give them.


Mistakes, we all make them, you, what’s your most fashion mistakes?
Buying clothes for occasions that haven’t yet transpired, but knowing they will, then disliking them when the occasion does come around!

What's your relationship with your wardrobe?
Is a love hate it one… I hate the fact that it slides open so you never ever see exactly what’s hanging. But I love the fact that it’s long enough to house what I need…

Make us dream…what’s your ultimate desired piece?
I am currently loving anything from Ulla Johnson

Best excuse for bank/partner to justify what just bought?
It’s always the same excuse. It’s not new, I’ve had it for ages, just never worn it.. (usually that is the case).

Your shopping regret, the one you can’t stop thinking about?
Forgetting to return items within the returns policy then having to keep them!