Ivana Daniell – Movement mentor, body and posture expert

For Ivana – a body expert practising in Harley Street – maintaining a healthy body, a good look and a good posture is very important, but clothes are the final touch – the cherry on the top! Her ethos is that if you are carrying your body beautifully, you can wear anything, and it enhances everything – hanging a dress on the perfect mannequin. In her 20s, Ivana worked as a fashion buyer, and following on from this she teamed up with her sister to create a brand importing beautiful sarongs, bikinis and swimsuits to Italy. Fashion is her passion. She says she’s not an impulse buyer because she has learnt to be wise and go for classics rather than momentary trends. Comfortable mixing designer with high street, the key element for Ivana is how you carry things. If you feel good in your body anything will look good. She works with a lot of people who exclusively buy very expensive clothes yet feel uncomfortable with their bodies, and then there are the clients who feel great in just a basic white t-shirt and jeans because they are body-confident. She is interested in helping people feel good and understand the shape of their bodies so they can choose styles which fit well and enhance their best features.

Mistakes, we all make them, what’s your most common fashion mistake?
I tend to buy too many of the same thing. I have a very ‘zen’ look – my work clothes are Lulu Lemon, very simple, mostly grey and black. My mistake is that I don’t dare enough. I buy too many black trousers and white shirts! I wish I could be a bit more brave.

What’s your relationship with your wardrobe?
It’s very good. I look after it. I love to organise my wardrobe. It’s hard to get rid of things as I get a bit possessive, and I find clearing out my wardrobe of the things I haven’t worn after a year very challenging. I still have a box of beautiful dresses that I haven’t worn at all and I find it hard to let them go.

Make us dream! What’s your ultimate desired piece?
It’s the perfect trouser suit! I’m always looking for the perfect trouser suit. I think for my shape and lifestyle, it’s a great look! It can be sexy but also appropriate for a meeting, and you can style it differently. My favourite so far is a Dolce and Gabbana, not because of the trouser suit but because the cut suits my body. I always go for the designer that works for my body shape. There are other designers I love but they don’t suit my shape and it’s important to recognise that. So that’s my favourite piece and I would love to find another one, but it doesn’t have to be the current collection – my pièce de résistance might be ten years old! My favourite D&G suit was on a collection five or six years ago, and if I could find it again I would buy it right away!

Best excuse for your bank partner to justify what you’ve bought?
I’ve just been very naughty and bought a pair of Jimmy Choos that I couldn’t resist. It’s my tenth pair of black shoes! I’m in charge of the finances so I only have to reason with myself. But in this case I called my best friend and said, “Do I do this crazy thing and spend £700 on a pair of shoes?” and she responded positively! So I listened to my impulse! The thought process is, “You’re crazy, but you deserve it, and they look good!” Actually, they really look good. So I’m really going to enjoy them!!

Your one shopping regret, the one you can't stop thinking about?
I used to have shopping regrets, but with maturity came a lot of wisdom. I have made many fashion mistakes but everything I buy now is very well thought through.