Sophie Fontanel has been our founder first crush in fashion , with her tone of voice and her freedom, she’s known as Fonelle from ELLE Paris in the fashion world for many years. Now, her Instagram is to die for, never too serious, happy to search vintage and encourage emerging talents, she’s so Fresh, so Free and so Fun.
She launched the trend of grey hair with a massive success reminding to the girls of all ages that beauty is in confidence in our bodies.
We simply love her and happy to see she also makes mistakes 🙂
Mistakes, we all make them, you, what’s your most fashion mistakes?
I usually do some mistakes when I go shopping with friends. Friends have an idea about what suits one better. However, for me, It’s better when I shop alone, like a wolf, trying unexpected things. The unexpected is the key, actually. I used to do mistakes during fashion weeks. Day one, perfect. Day 2, better. And day 3, apocalypse: Too original! It needs the genius to keep the balance between simplicity and distinctive signs, which is the salt of fashion. Mistakes start in the store. When you buy something you already have, or something too trendy. Now, I know better how to buy.

What's your relationship with your wardrobe?
I re-organize it constantly. Just to throw away some stuff and refresh my memories. I give a lot of stuff. Things are classified by colours. I like colours. Women of my family ended up with very few clothes and I know that someday I will do the same. But, at the moment, my closet is a shelter. It smells good and it’s full of vintage stuff and of history, so to say. A closet cannot be a fixed zone, it has to live, to move constantly. Very often, I try things at night just to experiment with outfits and mix and match, as a little girl.

Make us dream…what’s your ultimate desired piece?
A Birkin Bag in box leather, natural color. A rare Piaget jewelry watch from their archives. A Bracelet in a golden chain from Marie Hélène de Taillac. A Saint Laurent rive gauche vintage saharienne. The striped dress of Catherine Deneuve in Le Sauvage.

Best excuse for bank/partner to justify what just bought?
« Who are you? »

Your shopping regret, the one you can’t stop thinking about?
A lot. But, worse: my regrets are about things I destroyed with scissors in order to make them shorter, for example. Sometimes I am really stupid!